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The VCT-1800 system can be configured with a fast cycle load lock, an array of sputtering sources, and a multi pocket electron beam gun as well as an ion source for etching and ion assisted deposition. The water cooled, RF bias, rotating substrate holder has a usable area of seven inches in diameter primarily designed for R&D applications. The multitude of options available on the VCT system makes it one of the most versatile thin film deposition systems on the market today.

To build the most reliable thin film equipment we incorporate GE Fanuc system automation control software and hardware. The system automation package allows the process engineer to develop a complex recipe. Once the recipe has been developed the operator can load the substrates and press start. The system software will run a repeatable process every time.

The fast cycle, low volume load lock eliminates the need to vent the process chamber to load substrates thereby reducing the pump down time and reducing contamination of targets and interior chamber surfaces. Typically the VCT-1800 system will be able to automatically transfer the substrates from atmosphere to the process chamber and achieve a base pressure of 5 x 10-7 torr in less than four minutes. 





VCT 1800 R&D sputtering/evaporation multipurpose

thin film deposition system

VCT-1800 load lock

VCT-1800 load lock in the open position.

VCT-1800  load lock closed

VCT-1800 load lock in the closed position.

VCT-1800 load lock maintenance

VCT-1800 load lock isolation valve maintenance tool.

VCT-1800 view from above

VCT-1800 view of load lock isolation valve seal plate.

VCT-1800 source tray

VCT-1800 source tray with three independently positioned cathodes.

VCT-1800 with three cathodes on

VCT-1800 system can be configured with the ability to deposit three materials simultaneously.

VCT-1800 with source tray removed

VCT-1800 system configured with high-speed load lock and three magnetron cathodes.

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