TES 44 (Perkin Elmer 4400)

TES has most recently completely re-engineered the Perkin-Elmer 4400 Series sputtering systems to meet today’s current technology. Every aspect of operation and functionality has been updated. From the way the systems are manufactured to the workings of individual sub-systems themselves, the Perkin-Elmer sputtering system series has been simplified, upgraded, and redesigned for consistency, reliability, ease of use, and maintenance simplicity. What remains is the proven process flexibility of the 4400 series sputtering tool. The new TES-44 series system is capable of meeting the needs to process both uniquely shaped substrates and large quantities of wafers. Up to 200mm diameter wafers are possible with +/- 5% uniformity. Combined with a robotic loader, high throughput production can be achieved. For the cost of one larger cluster system, multiple TES-44’s can be purchased. Between the simplicity of design and exceptional uptime, your production line is more likely to stay moving than when relying on a single larger and more complex tool. Our systems are effective solutions to high volume production needs.

The TES-44 series sputtering system is a fast cycle, load locked, sputter down system with a water cooled, RF bias, rotating substrate table. This system is flexible enough for R&D development but can be equipped for the high-capacity production environment as well. The many configurations that TES can provide offers a high level of flexibility to our customers. With typical film uniformity of +/- 5% and the flexibility to handle unique substrates, this system is one of the most versatile tools on the market today.

To build the most reliable thin film equipment we incorporate GE Fanuc system automation control software and hardware. The system automation package allows the process engineer to develop a complex recipe. Once the recipe has been developed the operator can load the substrates, press start and the system will run a repeatable process every time.

The fast cycle load lock eliminates the need to vent the process chamber to load substrates thereby reducing the pump down time and reducing contamination of targets and interior chamber surfaces. Typically the TES-44 system will be able to automatically transfer a full pallet load of substrates from atmosphere to the process chamber and achieve a base pressure of 5 x 10-7 torr in less than 3 ½ minutes. The load lock can be equipped with substrate heating and high temperature post annealing if required. For another level of efficiency an optional cassette to cassette robotic loader can be added.





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