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1. The System Must Meet Stringent Process Requirements

The system must meet stringent process requirements including quality of film and etching, throughput, repeatability between substrate to substrate, run to run and system to system. The tool must be easy to use, the software must be intuitive and informative. The software must constantly update the operator of the system’s condition and process parameters including every event of a fully automatic process.


2. The System Must Be Cost Effective

The system must be cost-effective, both in the initial capital cost and overall cost of ownership. This is accomplished by focusing on a number of aspects. Spare parts and replacement parts must be readily available from multiple suppliers and not just the original manufacturer. We share with our customers the manufacturer of the parts, including the part numbers and the multiple sources of where they can be purchased directly. By helping our customers rapidly source parts without any middleman our customers save time and money. Many components within our systems can be exchanged using a different manufacturer's part which allows for obsolete, out of stock or no longer available parts. Another benefit of component flexibility means TES can incorporate components that are the same as those on other tools within our customers' facility. This reduces spare parts count resulting in lower inventory cost. Our systems are designed for effective use of clean room floor space. By using sound, environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and energy conscious operating designs TES reduces costs of ownership in every way.


3. The System Must Be Simple to Maintain and Support

We believe that efficient system maintenance is critical when choosing a supplier. TES systems are designed and built with this in mind. From choosing the best component suppliers to providing the most sophisticated support documentation and training materials on the market, TES is always striving for the best. Consider how far we go when it comes to simplifying maintenance. We strategically place the process chamber’s gate valve in a manner that it can be serviced in less than four minutes. We supply interior lighting and a tool-aid drawer filled with unique hardware and components that are typically dropped, lost or needed in hurry. We are able to immediately remotely access installed systems for troubleshooting, service and software modification/upgrades negating the time and cost for on-site troubleshooting or upgrades.


High vacuum systems will always need maintenance and support. By choosing an equipment supplier that that truly understands the benefits of a system that is designed for quick and easy access, uses readily available parts, and has documentation and on-board video training of every aspect of the tool our customers are able to recognize a substantially better return on their initial investment. We strive to engineer systems that do not have support, maintenance and troubleshooting contributing to a higher cost of ownership.





PE-4400 being re-engineered
Perkin Elmer 4400 target
PE-4400 head
Thin film process engineer
Perkin Elmer 4400 to TES-44

Example of Remanufactured Perkin Elmer 4450


System design is based on three basic principles





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