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DeviceNet™ is a connection based, event-driven, communication network designed for real-time control in industrial applications. Developed by Allen Bradley in 1993, DeviceNet™ incorporates the ISO standard and Controller Area Network (CAN) technology for low-level sensor/actuator communications, and includes provisions for powering devices directly from the network. This single cable, serial communication method simplifies the system design and reduces traditional wiring by over 75%. Built-in network diagnostics make troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades quick and simple. 

TES has invested in incorporating the DeviceNet™ protocol in our system design and developing software that enables us to maximize the efficiency of the DeviceNet™ standard. Our experience has been that using DeviceNet™ has eliminated wiring, reduced costs and improved noise immunity. Users have found that it provides faster data processing, more security in data transmission, superior error checking and greater overall flexibility. We have been able to choose best-in-class products at the lowest cost, enabling us to efficiently produce superior systems at significant savings to our customers. Remote access enables us to troubleshoot and often make repairs or updates immediately, in real-time, significantly reducing downtime and increasing profitability. For more info about DeviceNet™ visit ODVA.ORG 



Key Benefits of using the DeviceNet™ Protocol:


Reduced wiring and installation costs


Reduced start-up time


Reduced downtime


Removal, insertion and replacement of devices on the network under power


Interchangeability of devices from multiple vendors


Rapid troubleshooting


Efficient communication 


  1. Power junction

  2. Mini convectron®

  3. Full range vacuum gauge

  4. Advanced Energy® MDX

  5. Interlock interface control

  6. Valve manifold

  7. Motor / encoder

  8. Flow Switch

  9. VAT™ controller / VAT™ valve

  10. Advance Energy® RF Generator

  11. Capacitance monometer

  12.  I/O block DeviceNet™ hub

  13. Pressure switch

  14. MKS™ Mass-Flow

  15. RF controller

  16. Matchbox

  17. DeviceNet™ cordset

Devicenet for thin film systems

Devicenet for thin film systems


DeviceNet™ Communication Protocol

Typical DeviceNet™ system wiring network

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