TES 44 (Perkin Elmer 4400)

The VCT-1800 system can be configured with a fast cycle load lock, an array of sputtering sources, and multi pocket electron beam gun along with an ion source for etching and ion assisted deposition. The water cooled, RF bias, rotating substrate holder has a usable area of seven inches in diameter primarily designed for the R&D applications. The multitude of options available on the VCT system makes it one of the most versatile thin film deposition systems on the market today.

VCT 1800

TES has over 40 years of experience working with Temescal's thin film deposition systems. From the BJD 1800 to the FCE 4800 and all the systems in between, TES has rebuilt, upgraded and engineered custom and unique configurations that a large company such as Temescal cannot offer. By starting with a core system originally manufactured by Temescal and adding the flexibility that TES can provide you can have a system that meets the most stringent process requirements at a very reasonable price.


TES 600/900 (MRC 600/900)

The TES 600 (horizontal process) & TES 900 (vertical process) series sputtering systems offer a fast cycle dual level load lock capable of exchanging a completed 12” x 12” pallet load of substrates with a new pallet load allowing continuous operation. The pallet of substrates travel in a linear motion in front of up to three 5” x 15” magnetron cathodes. With the pallet scanning in front of the rectangular cathode the substrate deposition uniformity of +/-5% is achievable and target utilization is excellent. RF etch and substrate heating is in the process chamber.


The Most Versatile Tools on the Market

The TES-44 series sputtering system is a fast cycle load locked, sputter down system with a water cooled, RF bias, rotating substrate table. This system is flexible enough for R&D but can be equipped for the high-capacity production environment as well. The many configurations that TES can provide offers a high level of flexibility to our customers. With typical film uniformity of +/- 5% and the flexibility to handle unique substrates, this system is one of the most versatile tools on the market today. 

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