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Perkin Elmer 4400 Sputtering System
PE 4400 with process engineers
PE 4400 with process engineer
Temescal BJD 1800 e-beam evaporation
Six pocket electron beam gun


High vacuum sputtering and evaporation systems

TES has over 40 years of experience manufacturing and remanufacturing high vacuum thin film deposition equipment. Our wide range of experience has helped us engineer and design innovative solutions for our new equipment as well as enhancing and improving the proven reliability of trusted sputtering and evaporation systems used in the high vacuum industry. For our remanufactured systems our focus is on streamlining existing system functionality and simplifying maintenance by using readily available replacement parts and providing our customers with the tools to maintain their own systems. We excel in the ability to provide customized high vacuum systems that meet and exceed our customer’s specifications. The reliability of our systems results in maximum production uptime, improving throughput and providing complete customer satisfaction.


















TES strives to provide the highest quality and most reliable systems available, at the most reasonable price. Our theory of design, manufacture, operation, and service go into every thin film deposition tool we build. Whether you are purchasing a new, rebuilt, or used sputtering or evaporation system or having your existing system upgraded, you will receive the same exemplary service and support. We do everything possible to ensure that our clients’ experience with TES and the equipment we offer will be above expectations, which is why we have so many repeat customers. We take pride in our excellent reputation for providing well designed, reliable, cost effective and easy to maintain high vacuum thin film deposition systems.

Contact us to learn more about how TES can provide a state of the art, proven solution for your high vacuum thin film deposition system needs.

Our systems serve the following markets:

Semiconductor manufacturing

Precision optics

Electro optics

Flat panel displays

Storage media

Medical devices







Our systems deliver:

Flexible process control

High throughput

Handles unique and standard substrate sizes

Repeatable process

Minimal down time

Unparalleled uptime

Better than 92% mean time between failures

Selectable number of cathodes

Multiple cathode manufacturers to choose

Ease of maintenance

Commonality in spare parts



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